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Are you at a loss as to what to do when it comes to your child's health with autism and behavior issues, and you think you have tried everything?

Most parents don't know that up to 84% of children with autism symptoms are related to gut health and diet, and are linked to the severity of ASD symptoms. (Adams et al., 2011Gorrindo et al., 2012Chaidez et al., 2014).

Addressing their gut health & diet can hugely change the level of function.

Some children with autism may not even have noticeable gut health issues or allergies; nonetheless, their behavior is dramatically affected, and the way they function.

         Implement an individualised  diet with targeted supplementation with your child over 4 to 12 months that has been seen by over 80% of parents to reduce hyperactivity & aggression in their children with autism. So you can feel hope and encouraged that you can finally help your child and look to the future with confidence and enthusiasm.

Over 80% of parents report improvement in overall autism symptoms and reduced hyperactivity & aggression when implemented a biomedical treatment plan (special diet & targeted supplementation)

“A troubled intestine can send signals to the brain, just as a troubled brain can send signals to the gut. Therefore, a person’s stomach or intestinal distress can be the cause or the product of anxiety, stress or depression. That’s because the brain and the gastrointestinal (GI) system are intimately connected”- The gut-brain connection - Harvard Health

“Gastrointestinal (GI) problems have been documented in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Almost half of children with ASD suffer from at least one GI symptom [1], and they tend to suffer more from GI symptoms as compared to their neurotypical counterparts [2], with diarrhea and constipation being the most common symptoms reported [3]. Additionally, recent studies show the severity of GI symptoms as being significantly correlated with the severity of autism symptoms” [4,5,6]. These findings indicate a potential significant role of the intestinal environment contributing to the pathogenesis of ASD.” The Perturbance of Microbiome and Gut-Brain Axis in Autism Spectrum Disorders (

Extensive analysis of biomarkers used in my practice through functional testing relating to inflammation, methylation imbalance, intestinal dysfunctions, and microbial infections will help manage the autistic patient through a personalized treatment protocol.

Treatment protocol varies depending on the severity of symptoms
Usually, it is a 4 step process over 4 months for mild to moderate conditions and 12 months or longer for severe cases 

Initial consultation 90 minutes
weekly 30 minutes follow up consultations
Unlimited email access

FREE Bonuses 
Please contact me to discuss the treatment option.

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“I just want to start by thanking you again for been such a dedicated and truthful practitioner.  I feel so blessed to have been in contact with you and your expertise. After the super changes I experienced when I came to you, I am still seeing tremendous life  improvements which prompted me to take my 10 years old daughter to you. About 6 months ago she was suffering with severe stomach aches, mood swings, amongst other complaints, she  have experienced amazing changes. She is now doing excellent in school, she also does not complain for stomach aches and her overall mood has improved. I am excited to see her so happy which is every mother's wish for their child. Keep up the great work and I am constantly recommending you to everyone I meet. You have definitely changed our lives for the better. Stay blessed and true to your profession to help others”          

Aretha M. ​

The Cellular Solutions for Autism is a transformational naturopathic program that will help you to identify the underlying issues causing various symptoms in Autism and effectively helps to transform your child’s health through a step-by-step process that will give you hope that you can finally help your child.


Inside the program, you will get, one on one continuous guidance, testing, and all the support that you need.


Within 4 to 12 months, you can observe changes in your child’s health that you have been longing for a long time.


When you join


here's what you'll receive...


weekly follow-up Calls -You are never alone in the process of treatment. We connect to answer questions, give feedback, and support you as you are implementing the protocol.


Done for your custom worksheets - Every time we make changes in your protocol you will receive a new spreadsheet to keep you organized and to help you track your efforts on your way to mission accomplished so you never miss any supplements and avoid confusion when and how to administer the supplements.


Unlimited Email Support- If you're stuck on anything or have a quick question, I am right here to support you.

Additional Bonuses

when you join the program 


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“A growing body of preclinical literature has demonstrated bidirectional signalling between the brain and the gut microbiome, involving multiple neurocrine and endocrine signalling mechanisms. While psychological and physical stressors can affect the composition and metabolic activity of the gut microbiota, experimental changes to the gut microbiome can affect emotional behaviour and related brain systems”

Gut Microbes and the Brain: Paradigm Shift in Neuroscience Emeran A. Mayer, Rob Knight, Sarkis K. Mazmanian, John F. Cryan and Kirsten Tillisch Journal of Neuroscience 12 November 2014, 34 (46) 15490-15496; DOI:

“Anxiety and depression have been thought to contribute to gastro conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)”. A John Hopkins expert explains how what’ going on in your gut could be affecting your brain.


"Joanna has changed my life. I started seeing her at least 5 years ago and I had so many issues. I really believe that I would not be here today had I not used Joanna for all this time. My health is the best it has ever been. I will continue to use her services for as long as she provides them!"

Patsy Mitchell


"Seeing Joanna has been instrumental  in getting my health better, with the information from the amazing Asyra test incredibly useful, and Joanna herself adding to this with an abundance of information about diet and supplements, to help me formulate my own nutrition plan. Her manner is also calm and compassionate, and I think compassion is key to sticking to any programme requiring a change in lifestyle."

Gwen Rahardja, UK

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Joanna Ozimek -Parkitna, MBA,  ND, Dip Hom

Joanna is a qualified naturopath, homoeopath, holistic nutritionist & certified practitioner in Dr Walsh "Nutrient Therapy". She has a particular interest in nutrigenomics & mitochondrial imbalance. She was trained in Chicago, London and Calcutta under well-known homoeopath Dr Banerjea. For many years she specialized in food sensitivity testing and digestive issues treatments. She combines various functional tests to get to the root cause of the symptoms.

Joanna has over twelve years of experience in helping adults & children in their health challenges by addressing significant biochemistry imbalances affecting gut health, Candida & Fungi Overgrowth, behavioural issues, hyperactivity, ADHD, autism.

Joanna is curious by nature, which helps her get to the root cause of a problem. She will not leave any stone unturned until she sees the results.

Her family experienced a devastating mental disease, and she knows how challenging it can be. She believes that you can overcome the impossible, and the body has an incredible self-correcting mechanism once you know what to address and how to correct the imbalances.

Join the Treatment Program today! 

You're only a few months away from your child's health transformation.

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